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 PEOPLE SHOPPING YOU EARN MONEY up to rm10k per month

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PostSubject: PEOPLE SHOPPING YOU EARN MONEY up to rm10k per month   Sat May 08, 2010 8:55 am

Do you know famous super markets such as Sunshine? Giant? Jusco? Pacific? Imagine every customers buy daily things from the super markets, u can earn 7% to 25% from each of them! let say 1 day has 200 customers and each of them buy RM20 things.So, 200 x RM20 = RM4000. You can earn 7% from the RM4000 which is RM280 per day!

You don’t need to be like a salesman ask people to buy thing from you. Why? Because people every month will automatically go to supermarket such as Tesco, Sunshine or Giant to buy daily use products such as shampoo, toothpaste and milk. The supermarket will pay you commission if the customers are your members.

You don't need pay money to buy stock and don't need to sell stock, it is 100% not direct sale. No people like to sell things, because the more you sell, the more friend you will lost, right? Here, you don't have to sell anything!! And you can work for it through the Internet at your home. 100% do not need to go out from home!

To work for this job, you:
- Don't need to buy stock.
- Don't need to sell product.
- Don't need to talk.
- Don't need to waste time delivery products.
- Don't need to go out from house.

No need any experience since we provide Online training classes to you to teach you how to do it.

Do you interested to know more information about this job? Or any question? Or interested to start work for this job? You send me your name and email address to my email address at pehphang07@hotmail.com

Thank You.
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PEOPLE SHOPPING YOU EARN MONEY up to rm10k per month
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