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 How To Obtain Pet Rei

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PostSubject: How To Obtain Pet Rei   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:05 am

How To Obtain Pet Rei
Got many new lv40s that wanted to have this pet,have asked for my help..i cant really help them as i dont remember much of the quest..the instruction/translation of the quest is not clear n hard to understand..so,i was hoping this would help them (Also,i'm posting this so that i could viewed it much faster in case got others that needed my help)

How to obtain Progeny of Rei

Notice: Level 40+ is required to obtain this pet

First go to Lan Chow near the warehouse coordinate to find an NPC called Mu Rong Hua. There, you will be able to obtain a pet quest from her.

Now you must go to the entrance of Mo Go Cave to find the Corrupted Progeny of Rei located on (around 11 oclock) and talk to him.

Then, you have to kill Sand Rangers in order to get pure silk.

After getting the required quest item, go back to the Corrupted Progeny of Rei and talk to him. And then you need to kill Progengy of Rei to get 10 wings of Rei, kill Red Scorpions to get five rain cloud bottles, kill maoseleum thief (Lv45 mob in Mogo LVL1) to get five lightning bottles and finally kill Mo Go Spirit (LV47 mobs in Mogo LVL1) to get one bell of summoning.

After getting all these quest items, go back and talk to the Corrupted Progengy of Rei.He'll give you the egg.Then,go back to Lan Chow and talk to Mu Rong Hua. She will ask you to find a box in Hua Chin pool.

The box is located towards the bottom left of the map near the pool,under the leaf (around 89.125 or 8 oclock). Press [shift] is u want to locate it faster heheXD.

After obtaining the box, go back to Mu Rong Hua.Talk to her twice and finally get your (and my) hard earn--->>>Progengy of Rei

copy from : forum msonline .. hehehe
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How To Obtain Pet Rei
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